Our mission

Exploring, climbing, clearing the way: that’s how we set to develop each and every project of the group. We dare to perform.

Our story


Our story began in the summer 2013, when current CEO and former founder of Prizee.com, Tristan Colombet founded 4X. With his entrepreneurship experience from Prizee (#1 casual gaming platform in Europe in the 2000s), and the addition of his tech background, Tristan was able make 4X (later to become DomRaider) an innovative solution. The company aims at solving real-life problems through high tech in order to face the technological challenges of today.

The group’s historical activity consisted in drop catching expired domain names and selling them at auction. In 2017, the company took a turn for blockchain and held the first-ever ICO in France with the objective to develop the first blockchain-based, real-time, auction platform. The DomRaider Group then reorganized its activities around two new brands: Auctionity, the auction platform for the bubbling world of crypto-assets, and Youdot, for the qualification and sale of expired domain names.

Our vision

We believe in technologies and what they can do for us.
We are confident in our abilities, we use our enthusiasm as a catalyst for new ideas and solutions.
That is why our baseline ‘conquer the future’ is a perfect illustration of our mindset.

Our values

Our values are the foundation of our vision.
Driven by our eagerness to improve and innovate, we accept risks and we manage them.







Our team

The DomRaider team is composed of 40 members, among which you will find people who are passionate and expert in technology, marketing or business. Everyday, we push back our limits and focus our efforts to take on projects with a wide scope. All this is combined with a good work-life balance and an inspiring environment to encourage everyone to give their best.

Tristan Colombet

Chief Executive Officer

Visionary founder of the company, always on the lookout for new opportunities

Etienne Roudeix

Blockchain Product Manager

He is extremely curious and always gathering information to learn more

Séverine Demay

Talent Manager

Séverine is the best DomRaider ambassador, she will convince you!

Alban Baixas

Blockchain Lead API Developer

He likes to learn, share and is constantly looking for new approaches

Camille Toche

Internship Developer

Computer science student, Open-Source and Linux addict, he combines work and passion as he’s programming all the day.

Florian Pereira

Lead Front Developer

He can never get enough when it comes to coding or discovering new languages

Mike Nopère

Blockchain Developer

Self-taught, he eats code for breakfast and breathes programing

Kévin Bargoin

Chief Information Officer - CIO

Quality is his business, he makes sure things are done right

Claire Santiago

Marketing Assistant

She helps with everything related to content and French-English translation, she’s also the voice in our tutorials

Begoña Garrido

Business Dev & Market Manager

Highly focused and customer-oriented, she is in charge of partnerships and business development in Western Europe & LATAM

Elie Seyres

Marketing Assistant

He’s our creative genius. Need a new take on a newsletter? A quick graphic creation? You can be sure he’ll add some pizzazz to it

Lauren Gavalda

Administrative Management Assistant

Like Super Woman but without the red cape, she is a super-smiley assistant!

Mathieu Fournet

Network & System Administrator

He knows what he is doing, administration systems are no mystery to him

Yoan Lerat


His discreet nature is matched only by his perfectionism in terms of mining

Jérémy Marodon

Lead Developer

He is interested in many topics, enthusiastic and result-driven