Blockchain-based auction sales

Auctionity is the decentralized solution for real-time auctions of digital assets.
Auctionity aims at making auctions safer, faster and more reliable thanks to blockchain technology.



Enchères en temps-réel

Real-time auctions

Open source

Open source

Enchères communautaires

Community driven



Live video

Live video

Auctionity Saleroom

The Auctionity Saleroom hosts real-time auctions for crypto-collectibles such as CryptoKitties or Etheremons, and more ERC-721 tokens coming.

Community Reward Program

Sell your assets at auction on the Auctionity blockchain, explore current sales and get involved to earn community rewards. Auctionity is more than a saleroom, it allows auctions to go viral by involving the community. To earn rewards, anyone can become an ambassador and promote Auctionity or become an auctioneer and animate the best auctions, it’s easy.

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